George Gutenberg, a professional Architectural and Commercial photographer,
is a highly respected specialist in the photography of high-end luxury residential properties, hospitality,
restaurant and retail environments, as well as of commercial buildings and developments.

George maintains a very high technical proficiency, and
has a keen eye for capturing images that really "sell".

His high-impact interior shots, are often captured at
night utilizing a mixture of sophisticated lighting
techniques, color, emotion and depth.

Sexy, Luxurious, and Inviting, are words often used in
describing his Signature-Style Photography.

A prolific photographer, he has more than one hundred
magazine covers to his credit.

His images are syndicated World-wide, and are featured
in Domestic, as well as in International Magazines on a
regular basis.  His images have also been included in
several architectural and interior design-type
coffee table books.
Architectural (commercial and residential) - Aerial - Commercial Developments - Interior Design - Environmental  - Golf
Courses - Gaming Industry - Hotels & Resorts - Industrial & Medical Facilities -
Restaurants - Aviation

These are some of the many areas we offer commercial imaging services for. We offer complete commercial and
industrial-type photography for corporate and business use such as advertising, corporate reports, editorial,
and all types of commercial uses.

Whether your need aerial photography of an extensive Industrial facility, images for a new advertising campaign for a
new line of Yachts, a Luxury Home, or perhaps images that document a hotel or even an entire Resort
- we've got the vision, expertise, and equipment to meet your needs!
Palm Springs & Las Vegas Architectural and Interior Design Photographer George Gutenberg
Residential Photography, Restaurant Photographer, Resort Photographer, Hotel Photographer, Retail Store
Interior Photographer,Commercial & Industrial Photography
Architectural & Interior Design
Las Vegas   &   Palm Springs
-  LOCAL    Professional   Responsive  -
Member of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
Remodeling and Home Design
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