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Is the On-site Manager (or contact) and the Building Engineer expecting the photographer and crew?

Do they understand the level of production, and length of time involved?

Has full access been arranged to the site?  Can photographer, crew, and equipment get in after hours if required? Elevators

Will building engineering department have person on site during shoot to assist in controlling the buildings lighting system etc?

Does photographer need keys or security codes for access to any areas?  Are all the rooms and areas involved accessible, and
alarm systems turned off??

Will client or representative be present during the shoot?

Possible House keeping issues:

Windows clean?

Trash removed,?  

Desks and floors clean?

Grounds well maintained? Are the lawns green and freshly cut? • Sprinkler systems turned off to keep the building, walkways  
(and photographer) dry during the shoot?

Automobiles moved  - no cars on curb, in parking lot, (make sure that all employees involved are notified well in advance of
production time) to ensure that no vehicle is left blocking shot views of the building

What time is best to shoot?

Consider the best time of day for the photography:  Interiors. Exteriors.  Natural light. Sun. Shadows. Mixed lighting. Views.
Is it best to shoot at night?  Personnel, traffic, parking and minimum impact on business conducted on site?

Property owner’s permission:  Photographer may need client participation to obtain photographic property releases as needed.
Photographer will supply these forms if needed.

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