At what time of day should your project be photographed?

Consider the best time of day for the photography:  Interiors. Exteriors.  Natural light. Sun. Shadows. Mixed
lighting. Views.

Is it best to shoot at night?  Often both day and nighttime images are needed to provide a complete overview of
the project, as rooms often have a different look, or  “feel”, at different times of the day.

These samples illustrate the difference in “look” when shooting an exterior (or interior) image during the “day”
versus “night”.             
Keep in mind, that during twilight shoots, the “perfect light”, is a fleeting moment. As such we are limited in
the number of shots that can be produced each evening. Large projects, or special client needs, may require
multiple evenings on location.

Large windows, or walls of glass (and their orientation), as well as glossy floor finishes, often dictate when a
room should ideally be shot.

George Gutenberg
Architectural & Interior Design
Las Vegas   -   Palm Springs