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Some architectural photographers charge by the day. Some, for every time they trip the shutter. Others by the hour and by the
picture, plus this and that, and any combination thereof. - it can be confusing.  

- "Okay, so what does it cost to photograph this house? "

It's a little like the question, -What does it cost to build a house?

There is no blanket answer as it depends on many different factors, doesn't it? But, here is how we look at each project to
make sure that the client gets exactly what they need, and at an affordable budget:

There are basically
3 parts that come into play in estimating what a particular production will cost; The actual creation of the
on location, post production of the captured images, and licensing the images for what the client will use the
images for.

1.  Creation of the images. This is were we actually go on location in our location truck and create photographs based on
what the client has directed us to capture. Using our creative eye, and professional camera and lighting equipment, we work
very carefully at creating great high-impact images.

2.  Post production. There is a huge misconception, that digital photography is easier, faster, and thus costs a lot less than
shooting film. That can be true if you are happy with low quality jpeg pictures out of a point-and-shoot camera. However, if you
would like your images to look like ours, there is a lot more to it than that. For example, while it may only take 5 hours to shoot
at the actual location, that, will be followed by several more hours of post-production in our office to make those photographs
look "perfect"

What does all this mean? Simply that - while we usually spend less time on location, shooting digital (as opposed to shooting
film), we spend an equal amount of time (or more) in front of our computers working on making those images look their very

While digital photography can save time on location (though proper lighting techniques still makes all the difference), the
generated RAW files always need post production work. Post production, is when we color-correct, enhance, and retouch the
image files to look their very best. It is also when the RAW files are converted to other file formats (TIFF, JPEG, etc), such as
files that are optimized for online viewing, or copies that are specifically adjusted for high resolution printing, etc.

Once completed, the ready image files are delivered to the client on an optical disk (CD or DVD), or through electronic

3.  Licensing. When we estimate the cost of a given production, we include licensing based on stated needs of the client.
Usually a standard license, that permits the client to use the images on their website, promotional materials, and internal use, is
sufficient. However, there are clients that may require additional uses, such as book, or editorial publishing, and we will discuss
this with each client.

So, what's the bottom line? We bid each project based on time on location, post production, and on the clients licensing needs.
But, instead of sending you a bid with 25 line items, we simply carefully estimate exactly what the complete project will cost
based of what the client is looking for. No "underestimating", no surprises.

If you have a project that you'd like for us to create an estimate for, just send us an
email, or give us a call at our offices with
the particulars. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Besides, we're very easy to work with!
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