Professional type resolution Canon & Nikon DSLR's with
a full array of Pro-series lenses

These systems are “self-contained”, thereby allowing us to work quickly. It allows us to
capture more images during any given time-frame. We use this system when shooting
for editorial use, brochures, websites and for multimedia shows. Image and reproduction
quality is excellent for all but billboards or very large format fine arts type printing.

Medium Format Hasselblad system coupled to a
Sinar 54M digital capture back.

This system captures large high-resolution files for print media, billboards, very large
prints, and high-quality publication. This system is shot tethered to an on-site computer,
thus it takes longer per image captured, and usually requires a Digital Technician to
be part of the shoot. Lighting is more involved to achieve that “perfect” shot given the
large dynamic range of system. The results are very large image files with incredible
detail and color saturation.

Sinar X "Technical Camera" system mated to a Sinar digital capture back.

This is the digital version of the traditional 4x5 View Camera. It is a large and rather
complicated setup, which generates huge images files (120-240MB/each). It is also shot
tethered to an on-site computer. A Digital Assistant/Lighting Tech is required, and this
will add to the production cost. The most significant benefits include complete perspective
control utilizing the camera's ability to tilt, swing, and shift for amazing image control.
This is however a slow process, and limits the number of images that can be captured
during a given time frame. Critical, and sometimes very elaborate lighting set-ups are also
common when shooting interiors with this system. The results are however spectacular!

We also own an
extensive ARRI cinematic lighting system, ranging in power from
subtle 150W units, to 5000W, in addition to our
professional studio strobes as well as
portable flash equipment.

We offer highly specialized equipment for aerial photography
and platforms for moving photography such as gyros, custom body mounts,
time-lapse and remote radio triggers and drones.

There's been a trend over the past few years by many photographers not wanting to purchase high-end photographic
equipment, but to simply rent it when needed - and pass the rental expense onto the client.

We've made the investment in all our own equipment.

We will not pass-on any rental charges for typical professional photographic equipment to our clients, and never have. We
think, that it's just plain wrong to charge a client for the rental of professional equipment. Apparently so do most of our

Owning it, also allows us to respond faster as we never need to wait for equipment to be shipped to us, and we know our
equipment inside-out, and how to get the most out of it!

You pay us for our creativity, technical expertise, and hard work in capturing and delivering top-notch
images, not for us to not have the right equipment to get the job done in the first place!

Having said all that, there are of course exceptions - like when at a distant location renting heavy or
large equipment (like large strobes, or large cine-lights and very tall light-stands) as opposed to shipping them (especially
to an overseas location) just makes more sense. Finally, we have still not been able to fit any 65 foot tall Sky-lift into our
location truck, so we do rent those when needed!

Regardless, we will always consult with the client and present available options to ensure that the most cost-effective
solution is reached prior to production.
We own and operate 3 different Digital-Capture Camera Systems
and this can save you a lot of money!

- Okay, so what about the "saving a lot of money" part ?