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Digital capture allows for a more immediate experience of the work being produced. Simply put, "digital capture" is the digital
equivalent of "shooting film".  While we still shoot film on occasion, digital capture is today the norm for the vast majority of our

Digital Work Flow Benefits:

Turnaround times: For film, our turnaround time is now 4-5 business days. For digital work, this delay can be significantly reduced.
For images that require no post-production work, and where we have an
on-site digital workstation* at the shoot location, images
can be delivered immediately right there before we leave the site!

For images that require standard post-production work,
our normal turnaround is just 48 hours. As each shoot has different
characteristics, we'll discuss with you anticipated delivery times, as well as possible any revisions to that as the shoot progresses,
or if client needs change.

Distributed Image Review: In some cases, our immediate client is an art director, or advertising agency, who are working to
facilitate the needs of a corporate client. With different parties being in separate locations, the ability to simultaneously review and
make decisions can be difficult. However, we can provide a solution using the Internet. Depending upon circumstances, we can
produce and deliver a virtual "contact sheet" on site for clients elsewhere in the country to review, or within a couple days or
completion. Please ask for more information on these possibilities prior to the shoot commencing.

Our Investment: We have made a very significant investment in the process of digital production. In addition to the extremely high
cost of the very best digital cameras, lenses, powerful computers, and state-of-the-art software suites, there has been an
extraordinary amount of time involved in the learning curve for our office as we evolve with the times. In addition, we have
developed a specialized archiving system for the files we produce, and this undertaking has been an time consuming task. We have
calculated these costs, and have produced a very competitive pricing schedule that applies to all shoots we produce digitally.

We shoot “RAW”!

RAW, means that we capture our digital images in a RAW (an unprocessed and uncompressed) digital format for maximum image
quality. As opposed to the customary compressed JPEG format that you would expect from a typical consumer camera, RAW files
(think of them as undeveloped film that still needs to go to the lab to be developed), require significant work before becoming the
professional images you’d expect.

This “post-production” work takes place on our in-house computers utilizing a number of imaging software and custom programs.
This is a critical element in producing superior images and we usually spend more time in post-production, than at the actual
shooting location. Great care is taken in processing each selected image for excellent color fidelity, clarity and maximum visual

Retouching and Custom Image Manipulation:

Any retouching, or custom image manipulation that is needed beyond basic color corrections and minor blemish removal (which we
include as part of our standard service) . We can also provide custom compositing and significant image manipulation (such as
"removing" neighboring buildings, unsightly utility poles and wires, or perhaps "adding" things like landscaping) and are billed at
$95/hour. We will provide you with an estimate prior to commencing this level of work or incurring any charges.

Note: We deliver "photographer selects" which are, as it seems, the images from the shoot that have been selected by the
photographer, which give you the best and most complete results from the shoot. Please indicate if you would like every image,
rather than the photographer selects. Selecting this option will increase your overall costs.

Color Management and Archiving:

We operate an open-loop color management system, meaning that while we take-in and work on the images on color-corrected
displays, and output for contacts on profiled printers, but when we deliver them outside of our system, we deliver the files with
embedded "Adobe 1998" profiles. For other standard profiles, or for us to use a specialized profile that you provide, please let us
know before processing begins.

We store two copies of the images, one on our image
storage server, the other on a long-lasting CD or DVD-ROM disc.

However, we strongly advise clients to safely store the delivered images for the duration that the images have been licensed,
because, although we take precautions and have enacted safeguards to store our own copies of the images, we cannot absolutely
guarantee that the images will be available past the date we first delivered to the client their copy of the images. As such, the
image down load link we send to you is considered the Master file, and it is your responsibility to ensure its security by
downloading it, and saving it to your computer and ideally make a back-up copy of them as well .

We deliver all images in an Adobe 1998 RGB format. Typically, we'll deliver a high resolution TIFF image as well as a "web-sized"
JPEG image of each file. We strongly recommend that your printer process the RGB to CMYK conversions where necessary, as that
type of conversion should only be done once, directly to the printing press profile.

We hope that this document is useful in preparing for your photographic session. Should you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to
contact us at any time.

* On-site delivery means we can offer to have a digital workstation and Tech on-site to produce the image output to you while still on location.
The current cost for the on-site digital workstation and Digital Technician is $550/day.
Benefits of Digital Photography and our Post Production process:
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