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While each assignment is unique, here is check-list of things that need to be handled prior to our arrival, in order for us to
complete a successful residential location shoot:

  • Access/Location:
  • Exact street address and community name.
  • Gate access, if at a gated community.
  • Keys and alarm code (if homeowner or agent representative is not present).
  • Is the homeowner in residence? If so, are the owners (or those at the site) expecting the photographer and crew?
    (Note, they do NOT need to be present as long as we have complete access, and the property is ready to shot).

  • House keeping,
  • Has a/c system been turned-on prior to photographer's arrival (during summer months) ?
  • Are all  interior spaces clean and "staged" just prior to the scheduled shoot?
  • Are all the rooms and areas you want photographed truly ready and accessible?
  • Are all the windows clean?

  • Garden and Landscaping:
  • Gardening service, performed just prior to scheduled shoot?
  • Flowers and plants looking good?
  • Hoses and pool tools put away?
  • Garden furniture clean (like glass table-tops), and are furniture cushions put out?
  • Pool service, performed just prior to scheduled shoot?
  • Sprinkler systems turned off to keep the building, walkway's and patio areas (and photographer) dry?
  • Automobiles moved  - no cars on curb, in parking lot, driveway, or motor court (make sure that all involved are notified in
    advance of production time).

  • What time is best to shoot?
    Consider the best time of day for the photography. Is for example, the pool area facing south? Views?
    When photographing the interior, is there a lot of recessed lighting? Is the interior very dark?
    Are there huge south facing windows?                  

   These all dictate when the best time is to photograph. Is it perhaps best to shoot at night?  Click
here for more info on this..
   If you are unsure what time would be best, let's talk about it.

   Property owner’s permission: Photographer may need client participation to obtain a photographic property release.      
   (photographer will supply these forms if needed)

   Okay, so the property is ready.
What's next?
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Is the property really ready to be photographed?
Residential assignments, please read below                        For Commercial Buildings, please click here